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Term Short Description
SD8 Strength group SD8 represents the inherent strength of this timber in the seasoned (dry) condition. >Read more
Seasoned Having a moisture content for seasoned timber as defined by the relevant Australian Standard. >Read more
SL Susceptibility to lyctine attack confirmed >Read more
Softwoods Trees, and their timber, in the gymnosperm (cone-bearing) botanical group, including pines. >Read more
South America South America >Read more
South Australia South Australia. >Read more
Southern Queensland Southern Queensland; from Queensland – New South Wales border to Gladstone (latitudes 28°S to 24°S) >Read more
SP Machine-graded structural pine
Species group Two or more timber species with similar properties, not readily separated, visually, so sold as a commercial mixture.
spf Commercial mixture of spruce-pine-fir, Picea species and Abies species.
Standard trade name Timber trade names given by AS/NZS 1148-2001 Timber—nomenclature—Australia, New Zealand and imported species. >Read more
Strength group Group representing the inherent strength of a timber species—unseasoned timber (S1 to S7) and seasoned timber (SD1 to SD8). >Read more
Strength group - dry Seasoned (dry) timbers are assigned one of 8 strength groups: SD1 (strongest) to SD8 (weakest). >Read more
Strength group - green Unseasoned (green) timbers are assigned one of 7 strength groups: S1 (strongest) to S7 (weakest). >Read more
Stress grade The classification of a piece of timber to indicate its characteristic structural properties and stiffness. It is related to timber strength groups. >Read more
Stress grade-non-structural non-structural
Structural 34 structural timbers that are most commercially available in Queensland. >Read more
Structural Load-bearing or supporting in function.
Structural properties The mechanical properties of timber; used in design calculations for construction.
SW Softwood