About QTimber

This web-application is a digital version of the publication Construction timbers in Queensland: properties and specifications for satisfactory performance of construction timbers in Queensland—Class 1 and Class 10 buildings, books 1 and 2. (CTIQ).

It is an interactive ‘look-up’ tool for CTIQ with descriptive guides and index. QTimber provides designers, specifiers, builders and all timber users with a simple-to-use tool that interprets the publication CTIQ more easily.

Short title

Refer to this web-application as QTimber or CTIQ (Construction timbers in Queensland).

How to use QTimber

QTimber has several functions:

Build with timber: Find the specifications for using a timber for a construction application in any location in Queensland.

Browse timbers: Browse or search for a specific timber and link to a factsheet showing its properties and specification for use.

Guides: this tab links to:

  • An A_Z index: Definitions, abbreviations and codes used in CTIQ
  • Guides to timber properties, design life and applications, and advisory information.

About: Information about QTimber and CTIQ.

See the complete guide: How to use QTimber


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