Building outside of Queensland

QTimber can be applied to all Australian regions.

QTimber refers to timber decay hazard zones to answer queries about compliance when building with timber. Although developed for Queensland, it can also be used to find suitable timbers for every Australian region.

Timber decay hazard zones are defined for the whole of Australia in ‘Timber service life design. Design guide for durability’ , Technical Design Guide, Forest and Wood Products Australia, 2013 (

The decay hazard zones in QTimber and the Design guide are equivalent. To find suitable timbers and specifications for using timbers in construction outside Queensland:

  1. Determine the appropriate decay hazard zone (A, B, C or D; in-ground or above ground) in the publication ‘Timber service life design. Design guide for durability’ (details above).
  2. In QTimber, (Build with timber, Step 1) select a Queensland region with the same decay hazard zone (e.g. zone Ag:B). If you need an in-ground zone (Ig), check the pop-up details for the above-ground map.
  3. In Step 2, select the relevant building member and continue to Step 3, which will provide the recommended conditions for use for any selected timbers.


About QTimber

QTimber has several functions:

Build with timber: Find the specifications for using a timber for a construction application in any location in Queensland.

Browse timbers: Browse or search for a specific timber and link to a factsheet showing its properties and specification for use.

Guides: this tab links to:

  • An A_Z index: Definitions, abbreviations and codes used in CTIQ
  • Guides to timber properties, design life and applications, and advisory information.

About: Information about QTimber and CTIQ.

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