How to use QTimber

What do you want to do? Select the icon or tab for either:

  • Build with timber – you can find specifications and any restrictions for using any timber for constructions in any of Queensland’s regions.
  • Browse timbers – you can search for a specific timber and its properties.
  • Explore the guides – including A-Z definitions, target design life, decay hazard zones, resources and advisory information.

Build with timber

Or see the quick guide in pictures: Quick guide to Build with timber

Step 1: Select the location of the construction
  • Choose the Local Government Area (LGA) using either the drop down list, map, letter index or table.
  • Click the LGA result.
  • This will take you to Step 2.
Step 2: Select a building member
  • Choose the building member using the drop down list or table.
  • Click the selected building member.
  • Optional: select a building environment or target design life.
  • This will take you to Step 3.
Step 3: Select a timber
  • Shorten the timber list with the filter, choosing either ‘all commercial’, ‘structural’ or appearance’ timbers.
  • The results table shows approved timbers (from your short list) with Conditional use and Advisory codes are where applicable.
  • Click on timber names to see the report: all properties and conditions for use.
  • Download the report PDF
Screen help
  • Help icon: shows how to use 'Build with timber'.
  • Explain table columns: describes what is displayed.
  • Explain filter fields: how to filter
  • Hyperlinked terms are explained in Screen tips

Browse timbers

Option 1: Browse all commercial timbers
  • Your screen defaults to  'All 110 commercial' timbers.
  • Browse the list of standard trade names.
  • Click a timber name to show it in the results table.
  • Click the timber name to see its fact sheet.
  • Alternatively, do all your searching in the results table.
Option 2: Filter by timber groups
  • In the filter panel select a timber group.
  • Choosing 'Structural', for example, reduces the timber list to 34 timbers.
  • Click a Standard trade name in the drop list or the results table.
  • In the results table, click the timber name to see its fact sheet and all properties.
  • Remember to RESET for each new search.
Option 3: Filter by timber properties
  • In the filter panel, choose a value from any or all of the property menus:
  • Hardness, Above-ground durability, In-ground durability, Lyctine susceptibility and Termite resistance.
  • The list of timbers is reduced by each selection.
  • The values available are determined by previous Timber group filters.
  • Remember to RESET for each new selection.
See the timber fact sheets
  • The timbers results table shows six timber properties, each linked to a description.
  • Click a timber name to see its full fact sheet, showing:
  • Botanical names (and synonyms)
  • Likely Origins of the timber and relevant Schedule (A=Commercial mixtures, B=Australian grown, C=Imported).
  • 12 timber properties and any applicable advisory codes.
  • Target design life and conditions for use in 8 decay hazard zones.



The Guides menu  
  • Click the Guides icon or tab to see the list of guides.
  • A - Z  - a searchable list of terms and definitions
  • Advisory guides (7) - information in addition to the regulatory guides.
  • Building members - a tool for sorting applications by environment and target design life.
  • Resource guides (3) - Standards and references.
  • General guides - How to use QTimber and Building outside Queensland?
  • All the other guides describe timber property groups, target design life and decay hazard zones as they relate to Australian Standards.
A - Z Index:  
  • An alphabetical list of all terms used in QTimber and their descriptions.
  • This is the reference for all the pop-up screen tips.
Building members  
  • All building members, application environments and target design life (years).
  • The list can be sorted and filtered.
  • This example shows in-ground building applications with target design life of 50 years.
Advisory guides - additional, informative information  
  • Grade and quality
  • Queensland pine beetle
  • Restrictions on CCA-treated timber products
  • Seasoning and timber moisture content
  • Timber preservatives
  • Weather-exposed decking timber
  • Wood density and hardness
Resource guides  
  • Resources used to compile Construction Timbers in Queensland and QTimber
  • Additional reading
  • Australian Standards
  • References


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