Queensland pine beetle

Timbers known to be susceptible to Queensland pine beetle (Calymmaderus incisus) have the advisory code A4 in the Schedules:

A4          To be painted or protected against the Queensland pine beetle

 Timbers in the family Araucariaceae are susceptible to attack by the Queensland pine beetle when used within the coastal zone of south-east Queensland east of the Great Dividing Range and extending from Murwillumbah (New South Wales) to Bundaberg (approximate latitude 25° S).  The timbers are: indigenous hoop (Araucaria cunninghamii), kauri (Agathis spp.) and bunya (Araucaria bidwillii) pines, and imported klinki pine (Araucaria hunsteinii, Papua New Guinea).

These timbers can be protected against attack when used in building interiors by either:

  • totally enclosing in construction, for example as framing in double-sheeted walls (full sarking with brick veneer) or in fully ceiled roof cavities
  • painting or otherwise film-finishing surfaces exposed as, for example, beams, flooring, lining, joinery or mouldings
  • treating with an approved insecticide (AS 1604.1-2005, Standards Australia 2005)

Timbers susceptible to the Queensland pine beetle, as indicated by A4 in Schedules A, B and C, should be protected against such attack by one of the methods above when used in fully  protected applications within the defined geographic region.

The preservative treatments prescribed for H levels H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5 of the species concerned will prevent Queensland pine beetle attack.


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