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Term Short Description
kg/m3 Kilograms per cubic metre—standard expression for mass per unit volume (density) of timber.
Legal As applied to the relevant standard.
LGA Local Government Area
Local government Local government as defined in the Queensland Building Act 1975.
Location The geographical location of the building project, defined by the appropriate Local Government Authority boundary.
LVL Laminated veneer lumber—glued, veneer-based product in which the grain direction of the constituent veneers is mostly longitudinal.
Lyctine susceptibility Propensity to infestation by lyctine insects. SL: Susceptibility to lyctines confirmed; (sl) considered susceptible; NS Not susceptible to lyctine attack. >Read more
MGP Machine-graded pine
MPa Megapascal—unit of measure for pressure. >Read more
Natural durability Natural resistance of the outer heartwood to decay and termites.
Natural durability rating Timbers are allocated natural durability ratings for above-ground and in-ground situations. >Read more
New South Wales New South Wales >Read more
New Zealand New Zealand >Read more
Non-structural Not load-bearing or supporting in function.
North America North America >Read more
Northern Queensland Northern Queensland; from Bowen (latitude 20°S) northwards >Read more
Not approved Not allowed for this application. >Read more
NR Heartwood NOT resistant to termite attack >Read more
NS Not susceptible to lyctine attack. >Read more
Origin The likely geographical source of the timber. >Read more