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Boards (non-structural)

Target design life (years):

Properties for [pine, Caribbean (Fiji)]

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Standard trade name pine, Caribbean (Fiji)
Botanical name Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis
Synonyms NA
Origin Asia-Pacific
Schedule Schedule C
Hardwood No
Density (kg/m3) 530-620
Durability above-ground (4)
Durability in-ground (4)
Hardness S, F
Joint dry (JD) JD4
Joint green (JG)
Strength dry (SD) (SD6)
Strength green (SG) (S5)
Bushfire resisting No
Lyctine susceptibility NS
Termite resistance R
Advisory codes A5

Target design life, hazard zones and conditions for use

Botanical name Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis
5 years above-ground Approved
15 years protected Approved
15 years Above-ground:A Approved
15 years Above-ground:B Approved
15 years Above-ground:C Approved
15 years Above-ground:D H3!
15 years In-ground:A H4!
15 years In-ground:B H4!
15 years In-ground:C H4!
15 years In-ground:D H4!
Botanical name Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis
50 years protected Approved
50 years Above-ground:A H3!, C16
50 years Above-ground:B H3!, C16
50 years Above-ground:C H3!, C16
50 years Above-ground:D H3!, C16
50 years In-ground:A H5!
50 years In-ground:B H5!
50 years In-ground:C H5!
50 years In-ground:D H5!