Build with timber help

How to use 'Build with timber':

Step 1: Select a location

  • Choose the Local Government Area (LGA) for the building project using the drop down list, map, letter index or table.
  • Click the LGA result
  • This will take you to Step 2

Step 2: Select a building member

  • Choose the building member using the drop down list or table.
  • Click the selected building member.
  • This will take you to Step 3

Step 3: Select a timber

  • See a list of timbers approved (with or without conditions) for your selected building member and location.
  • Shorten the timber list with the filter, choosing either ‘all commercial’, ‘structural’ or appearance’ timbers, under 'Commercial availability'.
  • Browse and select remaining timbers from the drop down menu and/or
  • The table shows all timbers that are approved for that building member in that location. Conditional use and advisory codes are given where applicable.
  • Click a timber name/eye icon to go to the timber factsheet.
  • Download the report.

Note: timbers that are not approved for your specified building member and location will not be included in the filter groups or the results table.

Things to remember:

  • ‘Reset’ when choosing from another timber group.
  • You can change the building member or location from the summary panel.
  • 'Commercial availability' is a filter that restricts the search to 3 groups of more commercially available timbers in the Queensland market: ‘commercial’ (110 more commercially available timbers), ‘structural’ (34 more commercially available structural grade timbers) or ‘appearance (97 most commercially appearance grade timbers). All timbers include many timbers that are not commonly available.
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06/28/2017 - 03:09