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Mapoon Aboriginal Shire

Above-ground: B
In-ground: B

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Building member Environment Target design life (years)
Battens (Between stumps) Exposed 5
Engineered products Exposed 50
Pergolas (Posts above-ground) Exposed 15
Battens (External wall) Exposed 15
Brackets (architectural) Exposed 15
Fascias Exposed 15
Plates, top and bottom Exposed 50
Battens (Greenhouse) Exposed 15
Fences, gates (Palings) Exposed 5
Poles, posts (Pergolas above-ground on stirrups) Exposed 15
Battens (Pergola) Exposed 15
Sills (Window / door) Exposed 15
Fences, gates (Rails) Exposed 15
Poles, posts (House/deck, above-ground) Exposed 50
Beams Exposed 50
Framing (wall, floor, roof) Exposed 50
Rafters and ridges Exposed 50
Bearers (e.g. un-roofed deck) Exposed 50
Handrails Exposed 50
Railings, structural Exposed 50