Filter options for "Browse timbers"

Refine and shorten the timber list with any of these filters.

Timber groups: Choose either ‘all commercial’, ‘structural’ or appearance’ timbers. The default is 'All commercial' (all commercial structural and appearance timbers).

Either select a timber from

Standard trade name: Scroll through the list of timbers remaining after filtering by Timber groups. Once selected, the table shows only that timber.

Or apply any of these additional filters to refine the remaining list

Hardness: Filter timbers by hardness - very hard (VH), hard (H), firm (F), soft (S) or very soft (VS).

Durability AG: Filter by Durability above-ground class. The available choice depends on previous filters.

Durability IG: Filter by Durability In-ground class. The available choice depends on previous filters.

Lyctine susceptibility: Filter by susceptibility to Lyctine attack: susceptible (SL) or not susceptible (NS).

Termite resistance: Filter by resistance to termite attack: resistant (R) and not resistant (NR).

*Reset: Remember to RESET before each new search!

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07/11/2017 - 05:36