Heartwood NOT resistant to termite attack

Heartwood resistance to subterranean termite attack: R (resistant), NR (little or no resistance or unknown, so presumed not resistant), as specified in AS 5604-2005 Timber—natural durability ratings. Where there are no reliable resistance data for a timber, it is classified as NR (non-resistant) until authoritative, contrary evidence becomes available.

While some Pinus species have heartwood designated as R, they are required to be treated to H2 to achieve termite resistance due to the extent of the sapwood present (for practical and commercial purposes).

The corresponding minimum treatment (H level) for termite protection is H2 (H level 2): In a well-ventilated place where the timber is kept off the ground and completely protected from weather and wetting—preservative treatment is designed to reduce the likelihood of attack by insects, including termites.

Note: Termite management systems. On 1 January 2001, the Queensland provisions of the BCA were amended to address the installation of termite management systems in Class 1 buildings (houses) and Class 10 buildings (sheds, garages, carports and greenhouses). Specifically, the provisions require termite management systems in new buildings (Building Codes Queensland 2000).

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