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Tablelands Regional

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Building member Environment Target design life (years)
Trusses Exposed 50
Decking (Structural, commercial and industrial foot traffic) Exposed 50
Mouldings Exposed 15
Weatherboards, chamfer boards Exposed 15
Decking (Domestic) Exposed 50
Mullions Exposed 50
Balusters Exposed 50
Doors Exposed 15
Newel posts Exposed 50
Barge boards Exposed 15
End-stops Exposed 15
Pergolas (Framing) Exposed 15
Battens (Between stumps) Exposed 5
Engineered products Exposed 50
Pergolas (Posts above-ground) Exposed 15
Battens (External wall) Exposed 15
Brackets (architectural) Exposed 15
Fascias Exposed 15
Plates, top and bottom Exposed 50
Poles, posts (Pergolas above-ground on stirrups) Exposed 15