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Tablelands Regional

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Building member Environment Target design life (years)
Retaining walls (Structural, moderate importance [1a]) In-ground 50
Bracing Exposed 50
Joists (e.g. un-roofed deck) Exposed 50
Balusters Protected 50
Framing (wall, floor, roof) Protected 50
Landings Exposed 50
Step, stair stringers Exposed 50
Battens (Under lining or cladding) Protected 50
Handrails Protected 50
Struts Exposed 50
Battens (Roof or ceiling) Protected 50
Studs Exposed 50
Beams Protected 50
Stair treads Protected 50
Columns, structural Exposed 50
Trusses Exposed 50
Bearers ( e.g. house sub-floor frame) Protected 50
Joists (e.g. house sub-floor) Protected 50
Decking (Structural, commercial and industrial foot traffic) Exposed 50
Mullions Exposed 50